Hi, my name is Artem, I am an entrepreneur and social media marketer. I develop myself in innovative technologies and in my spare time I play football!). I work on my Instascanner Store every day and get inspired by what I do)

As a marketer, I understand that sales and customers in social networks are an important aspect of development. Our product allows every business to attract its customers to Instagram, thereby developing online sales.

We have come up with and developed a unique design for you, so that the signs look great in every interior)

All models are made in our own production. Sorting and sending is carried out from our office.

At each stage of work, an experienced employee is assigned, so we can do everything)

Communication with clients
Our manager Valeria is always in touch, accepts your orders and will be happy to answer any of your questions)

Production of parts
The staff consists of 8 people and the latest equipment

Every day we produce 15-20 scanners, a slow and detailed process, all products are checked for build quality!

Product Packaging
Each product is well protected from damage, Packed in a protective film, shockproof packaging and is in a box

Sending to the client
Every day, all ready-to-ship products are picked up by the courier service)

We deliver worldwide by standard mail or DHL Express

And now I suggest you look at our catalog of models at the link:


Thank you to each client for their trust, only thanks to you we are developing and getting better every day!

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