Anna Druzhinina about instagram scanner

We visited Anna Druzhinina, European microblading champion. She owns a @stroimglazki beauty salon. In a friendly atmosphere, we asked her a few questions for our blog.

- Tell Anna, how does the Instagram scanner take part in the life of your salon? Do customers respond to it?

 - Hello, visitors really pay attention to him. He is attracted by the fact that no one has this. It looks very beautiful. This is a new trend, I always introduce new technologies to the work of my salon.

- Great. Does the main function work? Do people follow Instagram?

- Yes, all the time. It is located at our reception and when clients pay for services, my administrators offer to scan and sign up.

The main benefit of the installer is that people switch from offline to online. On the Instagram page, we constantly offer promotions for repeated visits.

- Well. We will post this mini-interview on our website, what would you like to tell business owners who are thinking about buying an installer?

- Do not think! Buy, if this is not anywhere in your city, you will be the first to pay attention to! It works, increases sales, people learn about promotions and come to the salon for services more often!

- Thanks for the interview!

- Thank you for a great idea and a working product.

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